Giant slalom ia downhill ski race on a course that is longer and steeper than that used for slalom.

Scoring System

The scoring system for giant slalom is: Each run is scored on a scale of 0.1 to 10.0 by a panel of five judges. One judge scores the standardized moves, another scores amplitude (the height of maneuvers), one scores quality of rotations, and two score overall impression. For the amplitude score each maneuver is given an additional point for every 30 centimeters that the competitor reaches above the lip of the pipe. The scores for each maneuver are averaged to determine the final amplitude score. Falls and other mistakes lead to deductions. The format for point deduction in halfpipe is as follows:
  • 0.1–0.4 for an unstable body, flat landing, or missed airs
  • 0.5–0.9 for using hand for stability
  • 1.0–1.5 for minor falls or body contact with the snow
  • 1.6–1.9 for complete falls
  • 2.0 for a complete stop
In the parallel giant slalom, the riders take qualifying runs, and the top 16 men and top 16 women are ranked according to their times. Then they face off in a bracket format with 1 facing 16, 2 facing 15, etc. The two competitors face in a two-race match (once on each course). The winner is the racer that posts the best total time.

Slalom Course

1.1 The course shall consist of a start, a timing line, a downhill course with a series of cones, a finish line and a run out area. The run out area should be at least 20 m long, of good surface and be free of objects.

1.2 A starting ramp is compulsory, and it shall have a height of at least 1.80 m and a maximum angle of 20 degrees.


2.1 The first cone shall be placed no closer than 4 meters from the starting ramp.

2.2 The cones shall have an approximate base diameter or 140 mm and shall stand within a circle drawn immediately around the cones.

2.3 The course should be set by three skaters representing three nations selected with a lottery draw. The team captain of each of these countries decides who will set the course from their team.

2.4 The cones shall be placed in such a manner that a varied course is created. The distance between cones shall be 2 - 10 m (measured from center to center), the average cone distance should be approximately 3-5 m.

2.5 It is the duty of the cone marshalls to check, that the cones are placed correctly after each run. If a cone was incorrectly placed before a run the skater may choose to take another run or to keep the time he/she received.

2.6 Single cones should be used to indicate each turn.

2.7 The number of cones shall be between 20 and 40.

Slalom Run

3.1 The competitors should pass the first cone on the right side. The organizer is advised to indicate this with an arrow drawn on the ground.


4.1 A skater is disqualified in this run:

a) if he misses a cone
b) if he touches the ground with a foot between the start and the finish line.
c) if he does not pass the finish line

A skater can also be disqualified from the race for anti-sporting behavior.


5.1 Each skater will have two runs. The best result out of these two runs shall count. If two skaters get the same time, the second best time will count.


6.1 Electronic timing equipment, accurate to 100’s of a second shall be used.



7.1 The time penalty for each cone displaced shall be 0.1 second.

7.2 A cone displacement is defined when the whole cone is outside the circle drawn around the base of the cone or when the cone falls over. A cone hit and displaced, as defined above, by another cone shall also be counted as displaced.


9.1 The skater may have a chance to try the course, if it doesn’t interfere with the organizers preparations. The skater shall always have had a possibility to test the surface on which the slalom course is to be set.


Equipment used in Giant Slalom are: Boots, gloves, goggles, helmet, poles, skis, suit, bindings


An Olympian who has left a world record isToni sailer.

Favorites to win

Favorites to win for men are : 
Scott Macartney 

Sarah Schleper  

Maria Riesch

Bode Miller


Vancouver Winter Olympics- The place that the Giant Slalom will be at is Whistler Creekside in Vancouver, British Columbia